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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds give your interior a super-rich look. These Venetian blinds use for both privacy and light filtration. This offers protection from harmful UV rays and enables hindered inside sight to look so elegant from the outside. To give your space something unique interior touch, Venetian blinds are a very good and budget-friendly option. Maple Blind’s Venetian blinds are incredibly durable. Custom Venetian blinds can instantly transform the look of your windows. PVC Venetian Blinds utilize aluminum and Springwood PVC that looks like wood to provide a simple, clean look. Venetian blinds today provide a more appealing selection of window dressing alternatives than ever before and are elegant in design and easy to use. Venetian Blinds can easily fit into any situation. You can choose the style that most suits you, whether it be for your home kitchen, bedrooms, living areas, or natural complement to offices. You may customize your window treatments because Maple Blinds believes in offering our customers exactly what they want.
  • Where To Use
    Residences Hospitality Commercial spaces
  • Variants
    Standard cord operation
  • Types Of Fabrics
    PVC Timber Aluminium
  • Operating Systems
    Standard cord operation
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