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Pelmets enhance the look of the curtains and blinds. With quality manufactured blinds and curtain pelmets from Maple blinds your home and commercial premice look so simple yet elegant. Pelmets enhance insulation for your home when used with curtains and blinds in addition to adding a decorative aspect. Pelmets can also be utilized to modify the window's proportions and give the appearance of height. The ideal pelmets, which our advisors help custom-design, will complete your space. Melbourne-made, carefully handcrafted embroidered pelmets from Maple Blind are a beautifully designed and efficient addition to your custom soft window coverings. A curtain pelmet enhances insulation and energy transmission, inhibits light from "haloing," and protects your curtain or blind fixtures in addition to making your window treatment substantially more energy-efficient. Pelmets have multiple benefits viz,
  • Pelmets are available in multiple colors and styles to match your home and commercial curtains and enhance their look to the next level.
  • They also hide the mechanisms and brackets of a blind and complete its look.
  • Where To Use
    Residences Hospitality Commercial spaces
  • Variants
    FRS Aluminium
  • Types Of Fabrics
    Block Out Fabric
Sit back, relax. Let us do it all
All expertly measured
carefully measured for each of your all window and door coverings with the help of industry experts.
All tailor-made for you
All of Maple Blinds' products are specially created to meet your needs and are the most appropriate for your space.
All fitted to perfection
With the assistance of an industry professional, Maple Blinds takes measurements to ensure that each product is perfectly precise and personalized.