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Fabric Collection

We strongly believe in quality matters the most. That’s why our all products are mainly made with very well-known and leading Australian fabric brand “Shaw Fabrics”. Our priority is customer satisfaction so we also use other customized branded fabrics as per your requirement. Our expert team is always committed to ensuring that the final product would be of high quality, at an affordable price, and correlate with current trends. Our materials are created to provide your home's interior with a luxuriant pattern and attention-grabbing design. Most curtain textiles are better suited for dressing windows than others due to their distinctive qualities, textures, and ways that different types of curtain cloth hang, as well as their usefulness and performance for light blocking, thermal transmission, and durability.
Sit back, relax. Let us do it all
All expertly measured
carefully measured for each of your all window and door coverings with the help of industry experts.
All tailor-made for you
All of Maple Blinds' products are specially created to meet your needs and are the most appropriate for your space.
All fitted to perfection
With the assistance of an industry professional, Maple Blinds takes measurements to ensure that each product is perfectly precise and personalized.