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Security Doors

We want security in every single mode whether it’s electronic devices or physical documents so when the question arises about the security of our beloved space then how can one neglect that security factors. Maple blinds are very much concerned about security factors. We have multiple options for you that help you to add an extra layer of security to your beloved home and workplace.

Stainless security doors protect your places from corroding. For long-lasting security stainless steel security doors are the best suitable option for you. Have look at our various stainless steel security doors. We sell and install security screen doors, and window security grilles, and provide lock replacement and repair services all over the Melbourne region.

For security screen doors, Maple Blinds specializes in stainless steel mesh coverings. You are likely to discover something you like among the variety of materials, and color combinations that suit every home. Due to the absence of grills, it is absolutely ideal for entrance doors. Doors' frames come in a variety of shades. Our stainless-steel security door, which is currently the best security screen offered on the Australian market, represents a fresh approach to home security solutions. All of our screen doors are manufactured in Melbourne and installed by our experienced installers.

Why choose Stainless Steel Doors?

Doors made of stainless steel require minimal maintenance and are very simple to clean. They maintain their shine without the need for any expensive cleaning agents since they do not absorb dirt.

  • As they last longer than other metal or wooden doors, stainless steel doors are a great investment and add value to your property. They require little maintenance to live in any weather, and their shine never fades.
  • Stainless steel doors have a long list of benefits, they are less expensive than other options.
  • It can be customized to the needs of the customer and the environment due to its superior strength, simple machinability, fabrication, and attractive appearance.
  • High-strength stainless steel mesh
  • Ideal for entry doors, and side lights.
Sit back, relax. Let us do it all
All expertly measured
carefully measured for each of your all window and door coverings with the help of industry experts.
All tailor-made for you
All of Maple Blinds' products are specially created to meet your needs and are the most appropriate for your space.
All fitted to perfection
With the assistance of an industry professional, Maple Blinds takes measurements to ensure that each product is perfectly precise and personalized.