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Blockout Curtains

Have you ever thought wish one more hour of extra sleep during a sunny weekend? If you answer positively to this question then Blockout curtains are all you need. If you have insomnia or a day/night shift job role then you must have Blockout curtains in your home. Maple Blinds’ Blockout curtains can be used to shield bedrooms from the outside light that can mess with the circadian cycle and negatively affect your sleep quality. Along with blocking the excess light, our Blockout curtains improve temperature insulation by keeping rooms cool during summers and warm during winters. Blockout curtains have long been a preferred option for bedrooms, theatre rooms, and formal dining settings due to their capacity to limit light and noise levels as well as their air and alos add elegance and luxury. We provide premium, made-to-order blockout curtains online in a variety of modern and traditional styles that are sure to impress. You'll have no trouble selecting the ideal blockouts to match your decor because to the range of pleats, lovely colours, and stylish stripes and patterns that are available.
  • Where To Use
    residential commercial
  • Variants
    Manual Motorised Track
  • Types Of Fabrics
    NETTEX Maurice Kain Slender Morris Hoads
  • Operating Systems
    Manual Wand Operation Motorised with Remote
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