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Roller Shutters

If you wish to enhance your home interior with outdoor exterior designs or to protect it from the changing Australian weather, then Maple blinds have the perfect outdoor product range for you. If you want complete security control from outside shades, ventilation, and unnecessary noise then roller shutters are the perfect choice for you. Roller shutter will give complete protection to your commercial places, home windows, doorways, shop fronts & servers, and garage doors. Roller shutters can be manually operated or they can be operated by multiple shutters from a single remote controller. Our motors are made in Italy by the Nice ERA-M series. Roller shutters are built to last and to protect your home and commercial places. Our profile is Australian-made, made in our factory in Melbourne. They have both style and toughness fully integrated. Regardless of the weather, roller shutters are well insulated to prevent heat and cold. At maple blinds, you’ll get Melbourne's Safe, Strong, and Durable Roller Shutters. Reasons to choose roller Shutters
  • Quality Roller shutters - All our work is performed by experienced tradespersons
  • Security - Protect your home from intruders with our strong aluminum design and materials.
  • Insulation - Save thousands on heating and cooling costs.
  • Noise - Traffic noise can be a real pain while trying to get to sleep.
  • Privacy - Our unique designs allow for ventilation to allow you to enjoy the cool summer breeze without compromising privacy.
  • Where To Use
    residential commercial
  • Variants
    Motorised Operation
  • Types Of Fabrics
    Aluminium Slat Profile
  • Operating Systems
    Motorised (Electric work included)
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With the assistance of an industry professional, Maple Blinds takes measurements to ensure that each product is perfectly precise and personalized.